TMTC Services

Texas Motor Transportation Consultants, LLC assists trucking companies and individuals in processing the required applications and annual updates for services listed below.  TMTC is dedicated in keeping you in compliance with the ever changing motor vehicle registration.

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Fleet Solutions

Customized Databases
TMTC designs databases for small and large Fleet Operations.

Customized Renewal Process
TMTC will develop a customized, smooth process of renewing your fleet’s registration.

Paperless Billing
TMTC uses electronic transmission of fleet data in our paperless billing system.

Updated Registrations Mailed to Drivers
TMTC services can be customized to include mailing of vehicle registrations to individual drivers.

Bulk Rates Available!
TMTC offers customized services to accommodate all fleet sizes. Contact us for details and pricing!

Auto Title and License Services

Temporary Permits
TMTC applies for Texas temporary registration for individuals and businesses.

Duplicate Titles
TMTC applies for lost titles in all 48 continental United States.

Title Transfers
TMTC transfers titles in all Texas counties and 46 of the 48 continental United States, the exceptions being Mississippi and Colorado. Title transfers in Harris County are processed in person on a daily basis. All other title transfers are processed through priority or overnight mail.

Registration Renewals and Replacements
Registration renewals, replacement stickers and replacement plates for passenger and commercial vehicles are processed in all counties and states, for individuals and fleets of any size. Harris County transactions are processed in person on a daily basis.

Dealers & Leasing Companies Welcome!
Regardless of fleet size, TMTC will accommodate your needs! Please use the contact link at the top of this page to reach us in regards to your fleet. We look forward to hearing from you!

Motor Carrier Services

Motor Carrier Authority Number

TMTC obtains the motor carrier permit required for interstate travel to transport freight or passengers for compensation. Contract and common carrier authority is obtained from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

US DOT Number
TMTC obtains the required US DOT number from the FMCSA in order for carriers to operate.

BOC-3 (Process Agents)
In order to receive a permit from FMCSA, trucking companies must have process agents in each state. TMTC assists in obtaining the legal representative to receive the court documents on behalf of the carrier.

Unifield Carrier Registration (UCR)
TMTC assists individuals and companies with the UCR filings. The UCR program requires carriers that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business and pay an annual fee based on fleet size.

Intrastate Authority (TX DMV)
Operation of commercial vehicles exclusively within your base state is considered Intrastate. TMTC assists carriers to comply with applicable state and local regulations. Texas intrastate motor carriers are required to register with TX DMV.

TDLR and Operator's License
TMTC assists trucking companies and individuals with processing Consent Tow and Operator’s License applications.

IFTA License
TMTC assists carriers in obtaining an IFTA permit and decals through their base state. All states require vehicles grossing over 26,000 to pay tax on fuel consumed.

IRP Plate (Apportion)
TMTC assists carriers operating in two or more states obtain apportion plates through their base state. The International Registration Plan (IRP) allows carriers to pay license fees to each state based on total mileage traveled.

KYU Number
TMTC assists carriers in obtaining a KYU number, a tax license number issued for Kentucky weight distance tax. Carriers traveling in Kentucky with vehicles grossing over 59,999 are required to file a quarterly mileage tax report.

NM Tax ID Permit
New Mexico requires motor carriers to pay tax for each NM mile traveled. If this tax is not paid at the port of entry, TMTC will assist carriers in obtaining a required Tax Identification Permit and carriers are required to file a quarterly mileage tax report.

OR Tax ID Permit
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) requires all motor carriers operating vehicles over 26,000 on Oregon public roads to pay weight distance tax. TMTC assists in obtaining a Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier for each vehicle.

Federal Employer Identification Number
TMTC obtains the required FEIN, also known as Tax ID number from the IRS for carriers to operate.

IRS Form 2290 - Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
TMTC assists carriers in filing the annual Form 2290. Vehicles grossing over 54,999 are subject to IRS tax due.

Mileage & Fuel Auditing (Record Management)
All interstate vehicles with apportion registration (IRP) and fuel decals (IFTA) are required by law to maintain mileage documents and fuel receipts. Trucking companies and individuals can take advantage of our record management service. Mileage documents submitted to TMTC on a monthly basis are audited for accuracy, recapped and computerized. We also provide educational materials to assist drivers with required record keeping.

Quarterly IFTA & Mileage Tax Reporting
TMTC files quarterly IFTA and mileage tax reports. Oregon mileage reports may be filed on a monthly basis, depending on the state’s requirement for a particular carrier.

AR & KS Property Tax Reporting
TMTC assists trucking companies and individuals with processing Annual Motor Carrier Property Tax reports in Arkansas and Kansas.

Trip & Fuel Permits
TMTC obtains temporary trip and fuel permits in all states, except port of entry states. Carriers that do not have the proper IRP and IFTA licenses must obtain temporary permits. TMTC will fax or email temporary permits to drivers at any location.

Exempt & Private Carrier Filings
TMTC obtains permits for carriers transporting commodities exempt from Federal regulation and for private carriers transporting their own commodities

Name Changes & Reinstatements
TMTC assists trucking companies and individuals with name changes and reinstatements of all authority, licenses and permits.

Insurance & Safety Referrals
TMTC provides trucking insurance and safety referrals upon request.